Video Blog?

Hey, one night i jumped into my (friend’s) computer and surfed the internet. I open the youtube site,, and soon faced the home page. first i swap over the favourite line and found the video named, “ask kevjumba”.

Dude, what sort of things it would be? so, i clicked at the video and here we goes, about ask kevjumba… wait a minute… who is that “kevjumba”? Man, is he some kind of an artist, or a movie star? i just didn’t know, and curiously still stand (sit, actually. yeah, that’s idioms)  peacefuly watched the video. And by the time it was all end, my mind said, Hey! what a crap! who is this guy? why everybody asked at him? is he so famous? is he ever been mentioned in National Geographic? Crap!

soon, my buddy (the one who owned the computer) came in and found me watching the video (again). he asked me, Hey dude, what are you doin? …. hey, man. i’m watching a video of an alien called himself kevjumba… and everybody were asked him a question.. and the,,,, i don’t know what actually is his doin? but., his style is a little bit cool, i think…  …. hey,dude, let me see, … he said …. ( a couple mintues later) …. hey,dude, it’s  interesting, find other videos about him! …. Man, don’t tell me that you start to admiring him.. oh God… …. Hell no! i just wanna see his another nice actions… oh come on.. let me find by my self.. …. there you go…

and so that night for an hour, we just watching his videos, also the “peeweeatkins” his same-style buddy… oh crap, the world’s gonna end, the world’s gonna end,, call the UN! call the UN!

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